Fees for Advisory Services

In order to properly quote a fee for service, Quorum must complete an initial assessment of the work to be performed. This will include meeting with executives involved with the assignment, reviewing any information that is particularly relevant and important to the assignment, and developing an understanding of the scale and scope of the client and its needs.
Once the assessment is complete and the scale and scope of an assignment is determined, Quorum will recommend which services best meet the needs of the client. This can be changed and modified as the client wishes. Once the services are agreed, Quorum will price each component and provide the client with a formal proposal, including deliverables for each component. In the event, it becomes unnecessary to perform an agreed service, the client will not be charged for that service.

The fee for each service is an agreed fixed fee based on the scale and scope of the assignment. Fees are not based on candidate compensation of any kind. Fees are broken down by each service to be provided. Quorum bills half the fee for a service when it begins work on that component and the other half when the work is complete and the agreed deliverable is accepted by the client. Clients can cancel any assignment at any time. For any assignment cancelled after a service segment has been started, the client shall be responsible for paying the balance of that service segment.