Quorum Associates Executive Search - A Quality Search Process

A quality search process requires trust between clients, candidates and the executive recruiter. And that requires time, energy and commitment on the part of everyone involved in the process.

A quality search process begins with knowledge about the client and a commitment to client service. This means a commitment of time and intellectual capital to get to know and understand the client’s business and company. It also includes research on the industry, the line of business and competitors. This is substantive knowledge about the client and the environment they work in.

A quality search process requires clarity about what the client really wants and why. In Quorum’s experience, it takes a number of thoughtful and probing conversations to fully explore the scope of what a client wants from a particular role. This requires both time and effort on the part of the line manager, HR and the search consultant. This is not easy, but it is very important. To get the search right, you have to get what the client really wants right.

A quality search process requires the search consultants be able to write a document which clearly articulates knowledge of the company, clarity about the position, understanding of the culture of the company and the specific performance expectations of the client. Putting the scope of the role down in writing, allows the line manager and the HR partner to be sure the search firm understands what is needed. It also allows everyone involved in the process to clarify any ambiguity, carefully consider exactly what they expect from a position, and resolve contradictions between the expectations for the role and the specific measures of success.

A quality search process provides HR professionals with the confidence that when the line manager, as well as everyone else involved in the hiring process, reads the final document they will say, “This is exactly what we want and if you bring us someone who fits this document we will hire them.” In addition, potential qualified candidates should react to the document by saying, “I know exactly what they want to do, why they want to do it, what it takes to do the job and how performance will be measured. This document is clear and specific.”

A quality search process has structure for the search firm and transparency for the client. It allows the client—both line manager and HR professional—to have timely input, provide valuable guidance, help steer and direct the search, and ensure a successful outcome. It requires a team effort. Any issue, confusion or misunderstanding must quickly surface and be resolved. A well-defined process with clear benchmarks and deliverables at each critical step is the optimal way to keep an assignment on track towards success.

A quality search process reaches a point where focus shifts from the client to the candidate. Culture and chemistry are why a candidate succeeds in a given position. The candidate with the best cultural fit with the company and ease with the style of management will be most likely to succeed. It is always a mistake to place any candidate, who is not a good fit for the company, the manager and the role. And these concerns are just as important for any candidate as they are for a client.

A quality search process develops a holistic view of candidates, in terms of their lives, not just their professional interests. It will also caution candidates, that if for any reason they hear a little voice telling them that something is not right, they have to speak up. The process stops until that voice is carefully heard.

A quality search process charges clients for work performed in increments reflecting work delivered. Quorum believes clients should not pay full fees for assignments that are not completed. Honest and fair dealing is important for both the client and for Quorum.

Quorum is dedicated to quality service and strong client relationships. We hope clients will be open and their share issues and concerns Part of the pleasure we derive from working with clients comes when clients allow us to help them and demonstrate the level and quality of service we can provide. Quorum wants relationships with its clients. This means we will do what is right and best for our clients, and we hope and expect that our clients will do the same in return.

Quorum is in the business of dreams, aspirations and ambitions. If we can match these dimensions of a candidate with the strategic and tactical objectives of a client, the results are always powerful.