Recruiting Advisory Services

Recruitment is the process of identifying individuals who can bring value to your company and attracting them to join the company as an employee. A well-developed recruiting process allows companies to find and hire the people they need efficiently, effectively, and with predictable results.

The Quorum Recruiting Advisory Services is not executive search. It is a service which helps clients of all sizes improve their ongoing recruiting efforts by helping client staff establish a methodology and process for successful recruiting.

The Quroum Recruiting process achieves these objectives due to a number of foundational components. Each is important and cannot be ignored without diminishing the intended results. Quorum can assist clients with each component of the recruiting process, leaving a successful methodology and process in place for client’s future use.

Company Positioning and Job Definition

This service provides a consultative approach to the strategic and tactical motivations for a particular position. It helps define the culture of the company and why people succeed within that culture. It develops a full and comprehensive description of the position and the necessary qualifications to be successful. Lastly, it establishes clear concrete measures by which success in the position will be determined.

Assistance with Candidate Sourcing and Identification

Recruiting for an important position requires a sourcing strategy that yields predictable results. This is defined as identifying an individual who meets all the requirements of the Position Description, including the client culture. Today there is a wide variety of channels through which to source and identify potential candidates. This includes social media and other digital platforms, trade and industry sources, and a wide range of publically available information. Given all the data available, a strategy needs to be developed to focus the effort and produce qualified candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Working with the client, Quorum can develop a sourcing strategy that begins with the strategic objectives for the role and defines the most effective channels for identifying qualified candidates. This can include identifying companies in the industry where there is a similar position, key social and digital media what should be targeted, and a social networking strategy to identify individuals who are likely to know of an individual who would be appropriate for the position. Quorum can work with existing resources at the client to expedite the identification of qualified candidates. In addition, Quorum can act on a client’s behalf to identify appropriate individuals at key competitors. Based on this effort, the client can decide which individuals to contact and the most appropriate means of doing so.

Assistance with Candidate Recruitment

The process of contacting candidates, presenting the opportunity, understanding the scope of candidate experience, and assessing each candidate and their qualification for a position, is very time intensive and requires attention to details. Often, this process requires multiple conversations and additional research on each potential candidate. The amount of formal information required varies client by client. In some instances, clients prefer to perform this function themselves and only need limited assistance. In other instances, clients want to work side by side with a consultant to interview, review and qualify candidates. Then there are situations where the client prefers, for whatever reason, to turn the process over to Quorum, subject to a detailed plan and timely delivery of qualified candidates. Once again, the flexible menu of services is designed to meet each client’s needs and requirements.