The Advisory Service Process

The Advisory Service for each of these categories entails seven major tasks. These tasks take more or less time depending upon the scale and scope of client needs. However, all Advisory Services begin with a detailed understanding of a client’s needs.

  • Detailed assessment of client issues, challenges and needs – What are the problems
  • Definition of desired outcomes and measures of success – What are the results of a solution and how will results be measured

Based on this understanding, Quorum can present a flexible menu of services customized to meet the client’s specific needs, capabilities and resources, and budget. Fees for these services are based on the scale and scope of the work to be performed, not on compensation or some other variable measure.

  • Present a menu of options for the client to choose from – Here is what we can do and what each step will cost

Quorum can help clients develop and implement a methodology and processes for each of these segments that lead to predictable results. Since this development and implementation involves client staff, clients can integrate other assessment, training, coaching, and developmental resources they currently use.

  • Design and develop, with client staff, key steps to be taken – What needs to be done
  • Implement key steps with client staff – Do what needs to be done

Quorum can then work with clients to measure and monitor results against pre-defined expected outcomes and success metrics.  In the event changes need to be made, Quorum will help client’s make those changes and then re-measure the results.

  • Measure and monitor results – Is it working and how well
  • Review, revise, and re-measure – Expand what works and revise what doesn’t